The Story


A few words about our background

Swedish Isadora AB is the company behind the make-up brand IsaDora. It all started in the 80s – to be more exact in the year of 1983. The founders, Ingvar Vigstrand and Ingrid Berndtsson, were already thoroughly experienced in marketing of the beauty business in their daily work with cosmetics imported from the traditionally dominant manufacturing beauty countries like France, Italy, USA and Germany. However, they felt there were many important things lacking in the foreign make-up brands: the colors, the quality, the packages, the elegancy, unperfumed products and, last but not least; an affordable price level giving all consumers the possibility enjoying this wonderful every day luxury. The idea to create a beauty line of their own grew stronger and stronger.

The name

IsaDora was born after some tough nightly discussions at the kitchen table in Malmö. IsaDora was registered all over the world and we were ready for take-off!

Introductory assortment

The most important make-up products like lipsticks, nail polish, mascaras, kajal pencils, eye shadows and blushers arrived in the Swedish beauty stores during November 1983

The first export market…

…was Norway 1984 and quickly thereafter the rest of Scandinavia. Soon lots of countries were queueing up to buy the Swedish IsaDora.

IsaDora is a Swedish success saga!

Why? Because of the favorable prices combined with the absolute highest quality. The fine raw materials makes it unnecessary to add perfume (perfume may cause allergic reactions). The products also have elegant designs which for hygienic reasons are sealed. Many colors, trendy looks and novelties are included in the wide assortment. The prices can be kept at a comfortably attractive level thanks to the flat, efficient organization in which already from start intermediate handling was cut thus making the production as cost efficient as possible. Malmö is, and has been since we started 30 years ago, the heart of our activities. Everything from product development to production and marketing is conducted here. Our own advertising studio is also located on the same premises. IsaDora is launched in around 40 countries and is loved all over the world! You find the products in Russia and the Baltic states as well as in the USA, Germany, Spain, Austria, Norway, Finland and Dubai…the list is long. Every year IsaDora makes it possible for millions of women to add some extra golden delight to their lives! IsaDora cares for you! The products are fragrance free, clinically tested in order to avoid any allergic reaction and are, of course, not tested on animals. Every second month new color stories are launched and by many, IsaDora is being looked upon as the Colour Authority – always the first brand with the latest trends. The wide product range offers something to everyone. Welcome to the world of IsaDora!

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