by IsaDora
November 11, 2016

Sparkling Eye makeup for Christmas

Are you ready to sparkle?

Sparkle like a star during the Holiday’s! Golden eyeshadow, glitter, intense lashes and a classic winged eyeliner will do the trick for christmas! IsaDora Beauty Team will guide you step-by-step on how to create this golden eye makeup! Eyjoy!



Create a luxurious eye makeup with a touch of gold, perfect for the holidays! The creamy and  richly pigmented shadows is color coordinated and easy to blend for a golden smoky eye look!  Let’s get started: Apply the lightest shade into the crease and tone upwards, then apply the bronzing shade into the crease and blend upwards. Apply the golden shade on the middle of your eyelid and blend towards the corner of the eye. To create a more intense look, add  Khol Kajal – Black along the lash line and create a ving. Finish of by applying the bronzing shade underneath the lower lash line and blend



Long, voluminous lashes with a fanned out effect, is just what we need to complete this dazzling eye makeup and it will add that extra touch of drama! The trick to get really voluminous lashes is to use a Zig-Zag technique: Gently rub the mascara into to the roots of your lashes by moving the mascara in zig-zag motions upwards. Repeat this until you’re satisfied with your lashes. If you want your lashes to look even thicker apply a second layer of mascara, and you’re done! Now you have created an eye catching look that will make you sparkle like a star for the Holiday’s!

Makeup & photo: @EricaSvensson



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