by IsaDora
October 20, 2016

Kiss dry chapped lips good bye!

Along with winter comes dry chapped lips and not only does it hurt it also looks pretty dull. But don’t worry, we have some beauty hacks that will make your lips balmy soft in no time! Kiss dry chapped lips good by and say hello to balmy soft lips this winter!


NO. 1

If you’re lips already is dry and chapped you need to get rid of that dry skin. Use sugar mixed with just a hint of water and scrub your lips gently in circular motions to remove flakes. Sweep it of with a soft towel and make sure your lips are dry. Do you still have dry flakes left? Use a eyebrow/lash brush and rub your lips gently in circular motions.



Now it’s time to add moisture to your lips. To et rid of the direness for good, treat your Lips with a dash of Nourishing Lip Oil, a gel-oil formula that instantly infuses the lips with nourishing care and coats them in a smooth shine. The luminous finish is transparent and balmy soft. Say goodbye to dry, flaky lips and hello to hydrated, balmy smooth lips with a subtitle natural blend of fresh lime, vanilla and rosemary. The rich formula is loaded with caring oils that boost your lips with anti-oxidants, vitamins & omega 3. Apply whenever you start to feel dry during the day, this will keep your lips smooth and moisturized!



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