by IsaDora
October 17, 2016

IsaDora goes Great Gatsby


“Glamorous 20′s look”

Halloween is coming up and IsaDora Beauty Team has prepped up with a Great Gatsby Look. The makeup trend during the twenties & Great Gatsby eara was elegant, vibrant and playful.  Colors like deep  red, plum and orange were literally on everyone’s lips. The lipstick was applied like a hart-shaped so called cupid’s-bow, to make the lips look small and pouty. Along with the Charleston trend the eye makeup were dark and smoky. The eyeshadow were richly applied also underneath the lover lash line. To create an intense look the lashes were styled by smudged khol or the new product: cake mascara. Thin black and slightly slopping eyebrows was an important feature of the 20s makeup look.  So let’s glam up and enter the Great Gatsby!

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