The new Face of IsaDora, Xenia Deli has been in the IsaDora family since the first fall campaign 2015. Now it’s time to get to know her a little bit better. Watch the super cute Q&A and learn how Xenia would rather spend a Friday night and that her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. Press Play & Enjoy, or scroll down to find out which IsaDora products Xenia can’t live without.

“The most exciting thing about this year is becoming the new face of IsaDora”



Xenia Deli is the It Girl on everyone’s lips! She has worked with major clients such as Victoria’s Secret and Guess by Marciano. She has been fronted in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE, Allure and GQ. The supermodel has also been featured in music videos for Enrique Iglesias, Calvin Harris and latest in Justin Beibers hyped music video what do you mean? Where the super model plays the leading roll together with Bieber himself.

Xenia’s Beauty Secrets

All super models has their beauty secrets and of course we asked Xenia about hers:

Which lipstick color is your favorite?
-  I love red lipstick, it gives me so much sex appeal.

Why do you love makeup?
-  It can literally transform a person into someone who has looked like they walked of the red carpet. 

What is your signature makeup look?
-  Red lipstick, smoky eyes and I prefer lightly applied foundation.

What makeup items do you always have with you?
-  Eyebrow pencil. 

 What’s important when you choose beauty products?
-  I’m extremely picky with what products I use because I need to like the smell and texture that leaves on my
face. Good natural products don’t usually irritate my skin by causing blocked pores.


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