UnderCover Face Primer

For a flawless and long lasting make-up!

A unique multi purpose face primer: it invisibly fills in fine lines and pores, creating a smooth,
even surface which helps the make-up to cling optimally to your skin. Your make-up will stay
flawless throughout the day; won’t wear off, smudge, become shiny or set into the pores.

• Hides imperfections in the skin
• Highly moisturizing ingredients
• Reduces redness
• Reduces puffiness
• Mattifying
• Minimizes hyperpigmentation/dark spots
• For all skin types

How to apply:
Wait a few minutes so that the skin absorbs the primer, before applying the foundation.
Can be applied directly on clean bare skin, depending on skin type, due to its highly moisturizing formula.

How to use:
Use under your foundation for a flawless and long lasting make-up.
Use alone for a natural finish

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